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Hey everybody welcome to the bottom line.  We’re so glad you could be with us today we’re going to be talking to you about the Goodness of God.  That’s one of my favorite things to talk about is how good God really is, IMO it is good you know when one thing about understanding the goodness of God to me that is really important to me is that you understand a little bit about the Bible.

You know its entire parts would call it the Old Testament any help that isn’t actually its own covenant in the name of Heaven is inside when I’m reading in the all cabinet or Old Testament.  You are going to find a lot of things that same is there.  Most God is not the same as the one I sort of today and it’s because we live in sanction.  GRACE.  Why it’s you know that makes all the difference.  And so what we want to present she did that day is a picture of the New Covenant Jesus Christ and how good he see here’s the thing about.

People.  Have this.  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde mentality of God that one day he’s like this and the next day.  He’s like the one day you doubt the Blish you in the next day you that when to punish and they struggle with that concept and what we’re going to get over to you today.  Is that God is going to write God’s law to gauge to you and His goal that all the time with all the time.  And he always is looking out the best interest.  That is a very marriage just.  OK rape is found in the book of Acts Chapter four not paying.  Emma began writing with verse fourteen Acts Chapter fourteen verse fourteen.  But when the Apostles Barnabas and Paul heard this they tore their clothes and ran in among the multi deed crying out and saying mean.  Why are you doing these things.  We also are men with the same nature is you in Priest you that you should turn from these useless things to the living God I made heaven.  The earth the sea and all things that are in them come in by go generations allow all nations to walk in their own way.  Now this and that nevertheless.  He did not leave himself without witness and that he did good.  He did good and gave us rain from heaven in front full seasons filling our hearts with and glad.  For am glad.  Yeah.  But it gave yourself this witness that he did good and.  Here’s the thing about.  Well.  I’ve learned low enough that I pretty much know the difference between good in by.  Just the words I yeah they so whenever something good happens a lot know what that must be God.  And whenever something bad happens.  I know that God didn’t call that.  Well it’s a real simple act that’s it.  I don’t say that much more simple than them.  Yeah I will never model in the favor had a shirt like that and it said on one side it was God is good.  The devil is bad or something to that effect but that is the truth.  You know if it’s in God right.  Yeah very rigid another Scripture.  This is in the Old Testament is from the book of now you know both but there are her and they and you with the book and I am as over towards the back of the Old Testament and they only have my water touch after that night.  Chapter one verse that says The Lord is good.  A stronghold in the day of trouble and he knows those who were in trust.  He’ll remember that time from the employer five translation as is the Lord is good strength and strong hold in the day of trouble and knows recognizes has knowledge of and understand those who take refuge in trust in him.  You know that’s not like this message from the message about I love this.  Listen to the US now.  I mean this is so simple.  God is good.  I think place in tough times he recognizes and welcomes anyone looking for help.  No matter how desperate the trouble.  That’s my favorite what is the I when I get mad anyone and welcomes anybody looking for help.  No matter how death knell matter and the Lord that says what does that is your situation may be worse than bad but it says that but that doesn’t bother God.  When it is so Gary that doesn’t bother him.  He’s good.  He says God is good you know God and just like he just wants and then good for you Bob.  It says that he’s given you and all things.  To It must really enjoy what it is all about calls all of them.  That’s right.  Coven.  Let’s talk about this is goat to Mark Chapter five.  OK Josh people from the Son of God has a young daughter and she’s dying.  She’s dying.  So he says I’m going to go to justice.  It’s going to come lay his hands over shortly so he did he went and he came he said is the mother of dollars right now is at the very point of death.  You have come lay your hands on her.  And she will be healed.  Says it OK OK.  I mean I didn’t say well you know you need to wait I meant to repeat and had to let him lie already for there’s you need to get into any color they don’t want to us.  So he’s old is what.  That’s right and you know we don’t know how many people hundreds thousands little know just all right.  Oh OK Well there’s this almighty.  And the Bible says that she had been at a convention for twelve years.  And the Bible says that she wouldn’t be no better in fact it was getting worse.  It also was then she had spent everything that she had tried to get Wells right nothing more.  Wow.  But she says she heard about Jesus and she said times have it back in just such a harem of US government made out OK yeah so she took it about herself to go do this now she wants to go was OK I’m going to go with it.  Think it any answer that the crowd was.  Yes OK with the crowd was so bad.  It must woman is actually calling and she’s not going to know is that right.  I asked how many people are milling around that I don’t even Center is so when she got to Jesus.  She admits that it touched.  What she saw Yeah it’s not herself.  Something happened that’s not going to show now something happened and then just a manager said to me.  Tell me in the disciples that look at all these Paddy everybody up into what do you mean who took he said No doubt he said Somebody made a demand on one thing that’s right.  It’s all the Bible says that is lol I want to found something.  It was me is so John says her daughter daughter North Face as made you hope.  Now why didn’t he call her daughter.  Why did he say daughter she wasn’t his daughter.  Right.  So why just to say to her daughter your face is made you will if it were talking daughter.  When I said daughter he said it was this if they said daughter all right.  Abraham it were him it cover was her because of that cup to fight that’s made you know what I will tell.  Is this he says.  Fighting.  But it might be by grace and other words no fighting no grace.  So God is going to enter that coven that can’t be God.  Wow.  God is God That is such a mess that’s Mark Bob going to go there and that you know that when you think about that story is so amazing what happened on the morning got here.  And then we were in the synagogue day Iris and he standing there and he’s watching all of us you know I mean I was thinking about you know he saw this miracle happen as if he did and then you know right after that the people from his household come in they say hey don’t bother James anymore she’s dead.  Can you imagine how hand us to just been just anguish just immediately in and just look things that don’t be right.  Just just just but what do change what you believe.  Just please don’t be for him and he you know Jesus went on with him to his house and his little girl was restart that day I thought since plant that like.  Good God he has a think about like this exactly what Jesus was saying was the paraphrase only believe your words I just want to keep moving with the emotional growth between me and you was right.  States is a changed but that doesn’t change the end result and the drawing room but does not change heroes like it.  Not a lot in Mala circumstances make it worse.  But the promise of God is still true NOT hadn’t changed right.  Yeah that’s that’s like that.  The message that went on about God safe haven.  Yes you know that the HAVEN’T is always there.  Never moves were always there ready for that one God’s word more change never changes.  And so for ever.  It’s settled ever.  By word settle in for every women age and that good.  That is so good in that that is really good.  Yeah and so we’re talking about how God Goddess and now read from Acts Chapter fourteen on in Acts chapter ten it tells you how good he is it says in verse thirty eight had got annoyed did.  Jancis of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power and went about was in this good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil for God was with him God to know what did Jesus of matter.  With the Holy Ghost and power going about bowing purpose.  The purpose of that and Morty is was to do good.  Now isn’t it true that in some good some little seven there are several verses here that.  And just describe a very good instant by verse one Psalm will seven verse one.  Oh God.  Thanks to the Lord for He is good.  For his mercy and for every person I owe him that man would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of meat.  Bush mad he satisfies the longing so.  Influence the hungry so with goodness.  Verse that they own that mirror would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness and for his wonderful.  To the children me at first when I won’t own that man would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of me in verse thirty one.  Oh that man would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness and for his plunder phonebooks to the children of men.  But the words.  Sounds to me like spose to get a face for the fact that most good.  Yeah him before you go in because I may have fixed my money or must buy reverses every now and probably just really preach a little while but I just want to go back for just a second.  So one of the very first ones you read it was Psalm one hundred seven first when it said for his mostly and for ever.  Let’s think about his mercy.  Let’s think of that when his mercy.  That is so then that is not what you desire that is good that you know.  I mean if you got what you deserve to get it what it has mercy in yours for I have or God is always in a while ago you remember how he recognizes the people there call him out to him for help.  It was talking about no matter how desperate I mean you know sometimes you just got to have Morsi you know maybe you shouldn’t have a traffic ticket maybe you actually deserve it but you would be mostly ask God for mercy.  He’s want to get that to these years.  OK OK Mandela had go ahead with your good when they asked Psalm twenty seven verse thirteen.  This is my second visit by a river is greater than ever.  I know I’m a subway seven thirteen.  I would have lost heart.  Unless I had believed that I would say the goodness of the Lord in the laying in of the living that every day.  Terrible.  Like that day to day I will say recognize and understand not goodness in my lot in some way also to everyone every day but I keep that today Samson will say recognize it understated not goodness in her live in some way.  That’s right.  So I’m constantly looking for the goodness of God to come into my life.  Mostly looking.  Yeah but the first part of this verse where it says I would have lost heart.  That’s describing a person that was just ready just throw in the towel.  They have most of it or I am.  Where the white man is now but he said except.  You know what even is so important for let’s just pray right now and all that I come to serve in the name of Jesus and I pray for everyone watching right now that today.  Today they were saying recognizing under-stated not God missed in their lives.  In some way and I thank you for sir.  Jesus Name me a mass start looking for the goodness of God You may see something wrong and I’m not gay.  They see something not an honest man.  It doesn’t matter.  That’s right because it’s the goodness of God nothing is amplified.  I think you made it to northern religion and really bad one.  Read it OK.  It was the same verse twenty seven thirteen it says well at all.  It was have become a had and not believe that I would see the Lord’s goodness in a way that I know now when I had this where you’re so.  In the years.  You can moan home alone or throne and have says here he says you know when.  What wrong he is good only that his mother see him do so for ever.  Bowing you that he truly does have a plan for your lot like it says and John twenty now women don’t wave that that he is so concerned that he is so mindful of you one way that because that’s true.  That is true only that that’s true of all days that it’s that God is looking out for your welfare.  Jeremiah twenty nine.  I’m over thoughts I know the players I have used as warplanes.  Michoud probably a lot of them for.  Yeah I think about think about Jewish synagogue or that we just talked about while ago in work Bob thought it had he not believe what one of happened that night but somehow some way.  Because joins us right there talking to him both that and I know what it’s no different for us today.  In fact it’s better for us today that he would because I actually resides with him.  If you actually asked him into your life right there to encourage you to help you take every step of faith that you need to take so that you can get out of that awful place and you can be like the sama since I hate I saw the goodness of God today in my life.  President or you’re looking forward.  That’s right.  When looking for the goodness that’s right.  Some people go around looking for bad.  Expecting the worst.  I’m expecting the best God For me God.  For me I can be against make it big.  It’s me I’m expecting I’m expecting to see God’s goodness and while the right price for it.  It’s going.  God’s goodness can come in so many different ways it might just be somebody saying a word of encouragement to you that would become That’s right.  And it’s right.  Maybe somebody writing you a hundred dollar check that my God’s goodness.  That’s right.  I mean the notice of God can come in all different shapes and forms but it’s that it’s a matter of recognizing you know that I Dany that this is God generating his goodness towards me.  That’s right.  The only that I expected.  Every day.  That’s right.  Not because I deserve it.  Not because I’m good but because I’m his child.  That’s right.  HELEN Well you know it’s just most Madea’s and sometimes.  Grant has come over and you know we ask if they’re hungry no one was on the screen and then because they needed it but because they deserved.  Just what we did.  Because in your grandkid that’s so you know I mean God give us a thing about so or let’s let’s look at a few things here.  First of all God is no evil.  Yeah you just need to get rid of that notion you know there’s people that will tell you.  Sometimes that.  Oh well God did this a teach me say no no he doesn’t want it right and bad circumstances dictate you must not use his word to think that’s exactly right.  You know that this happened all meaning many many years ago a particular person told me this they will God that my daddy a heart attack to tempt me and you know that is kind of what did he teach you and what do you learn from her was that the response of this person was I don’t know something I think it would be more John to say that God gave me a heart attack.  To teach you something and not telling me that he doesn’t know and don’t know what intelligent.  Yeah well how pathetic is that that it’s morally sad I mean God does something something bad happens to your dad and God is not strong enough or sharp enough or whatever to teach you what I want you to know about that the the answer is God doesn’t tell us that right.  God is good God is going to get an order that is not good at bad.  So now.  God does not do evil he didn’t afflict he was thinking Is he didn’t pick him up designs or poverty or or or destruction.  It’s not God God the month.  Second of all.  You know most most all of our of lections.  Come from our slowing raping the novices one obviously is what you were that’s right now don’t stray third Jesus Jesus came to elevate.  Our own Testament view of God as a as a judge and to the many Testament God him as a loving Abba Father.  Truly maybe it’s more like that is exactly what that means.  Yeah yeah you know it and I know I talked while ago about the fact it’s that many blunders have a Dr Jekyll and Hyde Mr image of God that you know just the god it fickle one day he you know when they help for you in the next day was all against you in that night and now.  And when that happens you know them start.  You know I mean it how can you expect there wasn’t anything from God If you know.  Now then don’t know if God is for you.  Then how can you how can you cry out to God in faith not only being but not going through you haven’t been invented it.  Tell me that they have some sort of think this and they know that God did it.  You had to go one on someone tried my way and I like well how how dumb is that if you know what Morris Warren trying to let me know I mean does that not make sense to me that’s like doing about makes sense to me you know God is good God is good and you know.  The only man was to do a good friend of the right.  And so I just now understand.  OK Someone thought in my verse like The Lord is gracious and full of compassion slow to anger in great in mercy the Lord is going to do all.  And he’s tender mercies are over all his works as mother who all everyone about was missing because it’s the rain on the just and the I just that’s right.  That’s got it but it’s good you know it is good it’s just you know just the way that it is God is God and God only washes the good things for the goggles to Blish God was to help you.  That’s got us to give you a future in the hope that’s right.  He’s just got it now.  Yes yes God want you to live with peace in your heart for me to believe that.  Yeah and there’s a song right now Cross Tom when things about you as a father that song and it sounds like father and all the time.  Yeah.  God is gone it and I mean that.  No I’m not.  I know nothing or they we all feel like a broken record.  I just want you to know what it is.  God is good.  Yeah good things from he she almost the minute that you have that’s right.  Every day I got to know that you have the God God did not want to help you with right.  That’s right.  OK let’s just make about this never got over this first X. ten thirty eight hour God or nor to Jesus of Nazareth with the holy spat am with power.  And went about done me good and healing all who are oppressed by the devil for God was with you.  All right so if you want to understand what good he has.  Women have to go to the Gospels in somewhat John says that’s right because things that have got to go to John says something had to with the Holy Ghost and with power him not about bowing and so everything that he did was in that trunk and everything that he did was good and then I mean anything that was bad.  Someone had to go to the Gospels to find out what is good and if you just want you can just write down or like your sign and come up on account after I can out of what Jesus did to so the goodness of God You know I think about the funeral procession that was happening when they have any fears James that’s anyone that in a sense it was not the sort of motto woman and it was her son that had just one hour there and that’s why he was raised that that is good as good as right.  But if you don’t you will never find it.  No never find him and anything bad the Gospel of Matthew Mark Luke and John Jesus no matter who wrote about going good.  One good one about doing good.  So they have for five for somebody.  It came to Jesus.  And.  I’m not going to wait a while and that AM fight and we have no faith they value where you know as well.  Remember what you said to someone so that was totally uncalled for.  So no I won’t go down there for you.  Instance anything like that.  I mean if I were you when you know there was people they were always trying to get people to stay away from him.  You know the disciples when they said all those kids Adebayor but geez I went.  In the other time there was poor old blonde born amazing overbearing was hollering and I said shut up or the monster anymore.  Called him and it would mean all he opened his eyes so I mean everything my dishes done was good many more like enjoyment.  I will find out what getting involved in it actually was no I will fight you for just being a part of the world love to hear from you what God is knowing in your live testimony is that you might have about how GOOD gone.  That’s right.  Remember that Jesus if you continue in my word then or you might of samples indeed it is you know.  And the truth will set you free.  Yeah yeah yeah my.

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